The Journey – Dennis Lau

Dennis Lau — Electric Violinist, Pianist, Songwriter & Producer

Dennis Lau is a UCSI Bachelors of Music graduate under the Newcastle Australian Music Degree Program. He began his musical journey with the piano at the tender age of 3 and became one of the youngest in Malaysia to reach Grade 8 by the age of 11. He then went on to obtain several diplomas in classical piano including the ATCL, A.M.U.S.A, Dip ABRSM and LGSM (hons).

Dennis’ violin training on the other hand, started at the age of 7, under the tutelage of world-class violin instructors Nora Kim and the late Andrew Chye — which led to his attainment of the ATCL Diploma at the age of 15. The musical prodigy was also awarded for his outstanding performance by the Trinity College of London for both his LTCL and FTCL examinations.

The virtuoso often credits his success to his mother — whom he regards as the driving force behind his achievements throughout his journey from a young talented boy to an ambitious grown man. His accomplishments as a musician are a testament to Mrs Lau, who is also a talented pianist herself.

His evolution as an instrumentalist have been greatly influenced by a myriad of musical genres from various eras, and his greatest source of inspirations to date include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ryan Leslie, Wang Lee Nom, Brian McKnight, and John Mayer.

Today, Dennis is an accomplished musician with many years of experience as well as awards under his belt, including the Malaysian Book of Records, BrandLaureate Awards, McMillan Woods Global Awards, ASEAN Retail-chains Franchise Federation Awards and more.

While Dennis is no stranger to the local music industry and contemporary/jazz rhythms, the music maestro has also made a name for himself in the international arena with his unparalleled chops.

Within a short span of time, Dennis has shared the stage with some of Asia’s most renowned personalities including Ning Baizura, Lewis Pragasam, James Boyle, Syafinaz Selamat, Jimmy Sax, Noryn Aziz, Atilia Haron, Janet Lee, Soo Wincci, Amber Chia, Winnie Loo and more.

His international collaborations also include the likes of Wang Leehom’s bassist Jingles and guitarist Jamie Wilson; South Korean singer Lee An; Singaporean singer-songwriter Tay Kewei; Singaporean record producer and songwriter Tat Tong; producer and singer-songwriter Hanjin Tan; Taiwanese singer David Tao; and more.

Apart from his impressive musical skill, Dennis’ charming on-stage persona and flair for showmanship makes him a highly sought-after musician and producer, allowing him to travel across the globe to demonstrate his craft in the presence of some of the most prominent individuals in the world. These include Stella McCartney and the Princess of Monaco during the Islamic Fashion week in 2010; Prince William and Kate Middleton during their royal visit to the Istana Negara in 2012; and more.

Dennis is also a familiar name among the Malaysian royalties as well as influential figures in the country as he has on numerous occasions, performed for Tun Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah and his mother Toh Puan Besar Khadija binti Toh Indera Wangsa Ahmad.

The acclaimed musician also represents many reputable international and local brands including Lord’s Tailor, Timberland, Puma, RayBan, and Nerd Unit.

Mosaic Entertainment Group

Founded by Dennis, Mosaic Entertainment Group is established as a platform for local artistes to connect and get engaged in a variety of events. It also serves a purpose in building a reputable management in handling and organising events for talents.

Staying true to their tagline — “turning events to perfect pitch”, the company is driven by Dennis’ pursuit for perfection as a performer, and places high importance for all their clients’ events. Equipped with a large repertoire of musicians which are regarded to be among the best in the region, Mosaic gives all their clients the opportunity to just sit back and relax. Browse through some of the talents and live entertainment services:

Mosaic Movie Productions

FouMosaic Movie Productions on the other hand is a separate company purely dedicated to the video productions. Armed with a team of professionals, the company boasts a broad and impressive creative portfolio — from commercials for brands and music videos for artistes to wedding videos as well as documentaries. Browse through some of the materials:

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